Preserve Your Ocular Health with Regular Eye Exams

Drs. Gordon G. Wong and Wildon C. Wong offer comprehensive eye exams at Wink Optometry & Eyewear in Del Mar, CA, to help patients maintain their eye health and screen for more serious conditions. Continuing to wear glasses with an outdated prescription or ill-fitting contact lenses can actually harm your vision. Additionally, many serious eye diseases develop without presenting any symptoms. With regular exams, we can often identify those conditions before they begin impairing your vision. To learn more about our eye exams or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today.

Our advanced optometric technology
The advanced technology we utilize here everyday helps us deliver lasting and stunning vision health improvements to our patients.

How Often Do I Need an Eye Exam?

The frequency of your eye exams will depend on your vision health, age, and certain risk factors. In general, patients under the age of 40 with good vision and no risk factors for more serious conditions should schedule an exam every two years. We commonly recommend annual examinations for patients with certain risk factors, including:

  • Patients of any age who require prescription glasses or contacts
  • Patients with or without vision problems over the age of 40
  • Patients with family history of eye disease such as glaucoma

What Can I Expect During My Eye Exam?

Prior to examining your eyes, your doctor will carefully review your medical history to see if you have any conditions that can adversely affect your eye health, or if you are predisposed to any eye diseases. Your doctor will then conduct a series of tests that will evaluate your eye health and function. These tests will check for signs of glaucoma and cataracts, in addition to evaluating your depth perception and peripheral vision. If we do identify any warning signs of these conditions, we can refer you to an NVISION partner for immediate treatment.

Our use of advanced technology not only ensures more accurate test results, but also makes the exam more efficient and convenient.

To assess your visual acuity, we will ask you to read a series of letters on an eye chart. This allows us to test your vision at varying distances. For patients who currently wear contact lenses, as well as those who want to begin wearing contacts, your exam will also include a lens fitting. We fit you for lenses at every eye exam to ensure an optimal fit for comfort and to avoid causing any corneal damage.

What Technology is Used During Exams?

We use the latest technology and diagnostic equipment during each eye exam we perform. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures precision and accuracy through every step of the examination. Our technology includes:

  • A Visual Field Analyzer, which is used to test the ability of your retinas’ to view stimuli at various points in your field of vision
  • Automated Vision Refractor, or an autorefractor to take the necessary measurements for prescription glasses or contacts
  • A corneal topographer to map your corneas for contact lenses
  • A Fundus Camera, which eliminates the need for pupil dilation (and subsequent light sensitivity), by instead taking a photo of the retinas

Our use of advanced technology not only ensures more accurate test results, but also makes the exam more efficient and convenient. Our fundus camera is an especially important tool. Previously, pupil dilation was the only way to detect retinal irregularities Unfortunately, this can leave patients with an extreme sensitivity to light for hours after leaving the doctor's office. With this remarkable technology, we can simply photograph the pupils and eliminate the discomfort and sensitivity that follows. This makes it easier for our patients to drive themselves home or return to work following their exam.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

If you are overdue for your next eye exam, please contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We can ensure your eyes are still in good health, give you a new prescription if needed, and treat any conditions that have developed since your last visit.

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