woman with strabismus

Eye Muscle Surgery for Strabismus

Misaligned eyes interfere with your social life and your child's development. In many cases, misalignment can result in poor vision.

Strabismus surgery is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that corrects misaligned eyes in order to improve binocular vision.

Eye surgery is unsettling. Why do it at all?

woman with strabismus

Understanding the Long-Term Benefits

Improved Vision

Realigning the eyes enhances depth perception and minimizes double vision. For children, it can also prevent refractive errors from developing.

Minimal Recovery Time

As an outpatient procedure, strabismus surgery usually requires about a week of recovery. Children in particular can often return to their normal activities within a few days.

Social Interaction

Because eye contact is such a vital part of human communication, misaligned eyes can make it difficult for both children and adults to interact with others. Treatment can consequently improve self-confidence in social situations.

Strabismus Surgery Has Incredibly High Success Rates

According to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, complications from strabismus surgery were reported in only one of every 2,400 operations.

A Reliable Treatment Option

To determine whether strabismus surgery is the best course of treatment, your doctor will conduct a sensorimotor exam. He or she can assess the alignment of the eyes, determine the underlying cause of misalignment, and recommend the best form of treatment. 

Strabismus surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. Rather than operate on the eye itself, the surgeon simply strengthens, weakens, or repositions the muscles that move the eyes. With minimal risks and the potential for a long-term improvement of vision, this procedure offers considerable advantages.

Surgery Takes About One to Two Hours

During surgery, the doctor will:

Administer general or local anesthesia for your comfort

Place a lid speculum to gently hold the eyes open

Adjust the muscles to weaken, strengthen, or change their action

Place dissolvable or adjustable sutures to close incisions and hold muscles in place

In total, the surgery takes about one to two hours to complete. However, patients will usually remain in the surgery center for several hours to go over post-operative care.

Understanding Your Options

Strabismus surgery is typically the last resort for treating misaligned eyes. More often, doctors will first recommend a number of noninvasive treatment options, ranging from eyeglasses and contact lenses to vision therapy. In fact, because misaligned eyes are often the result of severe farsightedness, many patients only need corrective eyewear to eliminate the issue.

Strabismus surgery is one of many options that can address misaligned eyes. Reach out to a doctor to find out whether you qualify for treatment.

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