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Illustration of before and after LASIK

LASIK Eye Surgery

Refractive errors can make reading, driving, and other tasks difficult or impossible without glasses or contacts.

Wink Optometry & Eyewear has helped many patients achieve clear vision and freedom from glasses with LASIK eye surgery.

How can you benefit from LASIK?

Illustration of before and after LASIK

LASIK's Life-Changing Results Have Made the Procedure Very Popular

A Fast Procedure

The surgery itself takes less than 10 minutes per eye and is performed on an outpatient basis.

Freedom from Glasses and Contacts

Among the many benefits of LASIK is the reduced need for glasses and contacts. Glasses can break or get lost, while contact lenses can be uncomfortable for some patients. LASIK can significantly reduce or eliminate your need for corrective eyewear.

Significantly Improved Vision

LASIK surgery has helped many patients achieve significantly improved vision. Most patients achieve 20/40 vision or better. Although some patients may need slight surgical modifications in the future as their eyes age, the results can last for many years.

LASIK Surgery  Can Improve Your Vision and Quality of Life

Drs. Gordon G. Wong and Wildon C. Wong perform LASIK surgery consultations for patients who want to reduce their dependence on glasses and contacts. LASIK surgery can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism to help our patients achieve vastly improved vision. The procedure itself is relatively quick and painless, and recovery only lasts for a couple of days. To learn more about LASIK performed at our practice in Del Mar, CA, please contact us today.

Who is a Candidate for LASIK?

A brunette woman with her eyes closedIf you suffer from poor vision as a result of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you may be a candidate for LASIK. We recommend the procedure to patients who are over 18 years of age and are in good general health. We do not recommend LASIK to patients who are pregnant or nursing, or to those with other serious eye diseases or conditions, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or chronic dry eye.

If you are tired of wearing glasses or contacts and want a more permanent treatment, LASIK may be the solution to your vision needs.

To qualify for LASIK, your vision must be stable. This means you must go at least one year without any changes to your prescription. Contact lens wearers must stop wearing them for a period of time prior to having LASIK surgery to help the corneal surface return to its original shape.

If you do not qualify for LASIK, we can likely recommend an alternative vision correction procedure. In addition to LASIK, we also offer PRK surgery, which is an excellent option for patients who may not be suitable for LASIK.

The LASIK Procedure

After numbing the eye with a mild anesthetic, your doctor will create a flap in the cornea using a surgical blade or laser. This allows them to access the corneal tissue, which will be reshaped using a highly specialized laser. Once the corneal tissue is properly reshaped, the flap is put back in place where it will heal on its own, without the need for sutures or bandages. Most patients notice a significant improvement in their vision just one to two days following the procedure, however, it can take up to a full year for your vision to stabilize. 

Risks and Benefits of LASIK

Although LASIK is one of the safest vision correction procedures, there are a few risks involved. As with any surgery, there is a small risk of infection. With LASIK, there is also a risk of over- or under-correction. Wrinkles in the corneal flap can also occur, and it is possible that foreign objects can become trapped under the flap before it heals. Having LASIK performed by a skilled doctor helps to significantly reduce your risks.

Find Out if You are a Candidate for LASIK

If you are tired of wearing glasses or contacts and want a more permanent treatment, LASIK may be the solution to your vision needs. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and find out if LASIK is right for you.

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