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Vision issues can interfere with normal, daily activities, such as reading and driving, and cause headaches and eyestrain.

Glasses are an effective way to achieve clearer vision. Our Del Mar, CA, practice can precisely tailor your eyewear to your needs.

So what makes glasses a great option?

Designer glasses

Improve Your Quality of Life with Clearer Vision

An Affordable Solution

Compared to corrective surgery, glasses are a relatively low-cost option for improving your eyesight. They also do not carry the recurring cost of contact lenses.

Tailored to Suit Your Style

At Wink Optometry & Eyewear, we offer a wide range of designer eyeglasses, allowing you to choose frames that suit your personality and lifestyle.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Glasses are simple. All you have to do is slip them on and you are ready for your day. There is no need to go looking for cleansing solution or deal with the hassle of inserting contacts.

Illustration showing how glasses workIllustration showing how glasses work

Let Us Design 
the Perfect Prescription Glasses for Your Needs

Drs. Gordon G. Wong and Wildon C. Wong offer a vast selection of designer frames and premium lenses for your prescription glasses at our Del Mar, CA, office. For greater convenience, these options are all available in our on-site optical lab, which Dr. Wildon Wong personally oversees to ensure exceptional quality. With state-of-the-art technology, we can create your prescription glasses precisely to your specifications in as little as one day. Our glasses are both beautiful and durable, and we offer free repairs and adjustments as needed. Contact our office today to find the prescription glasses that are right for you.

First impressions are important, and the right pair of glasses can help you feel confident in your appearance while maintaining your vision.
Designer prescription glasses
We have a large collection of designer frames for you to choose from, and use the highest quality, premium lenses.

Prescription Glasses Designed Just for You

Different lifestyles and professions require different types of glasses. Patients who work outdoors will have different needs and preferences than those who work indoors. In addition to a wide selection of frames to choose from, we also have a large collection of premium lenses to meet your individual needs. Our skilled opticians can help you choose glasses that not only look beautiful and fit your face properly, but that feel comfortable and perform as you need them to.

  • If glare from the sun or street lights at night are especially bothersome to you, we can apply an anti-glare coating to your lenses. 
  • If your current glasses feel heavy and uncomfortable, our opticians may suggest titanium frames, which are lighter than traditional metal glasses.
  • If you are concerned about the appearance of thick lenses, we can recommend a lens material with a higher index of refraction. This will not only make your lenses appear thinner, but it will also make them feel much lighter.
  • If your lenses make your eyes look too large or “bug-eyed”, our opticians can suggest an aspheric lens for a more natural appearance.

Our opticians are well-trained in helping our patients find glasses that will meet each of their needs while still looking beautiful. We can help you choose a frame shape and color that will complement your natural features and show off your personality. We offer a variety of frames, ranging from professional and practical to eclectic and fashion-forward.

Our Collection of Designer Eyewear

First impressions are important, and the right pair of glasses can help you feel confident in your appearance while maintaining your vision. To help you make a good first impression every time, we offer a large collection of designer frames as well as sunglasses. While some designers have their own lab, such as Oakley® and Maui Jim, we can create most prescription glasses and sunglasses on-site. Our collection features many designer brands, including

  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Tom Ford
  • Face a Face
  • Fendi®
  • Sama
  • Chloé
  • Etro
  • Calvin Klein
  • Dior®
  • Persol
  • Kate Spade
  • Kaenon
  • Gucci®
  • Shaun’s California
  • Ray-Ban®
  • Calvin Klein®
  • And many more

In addition, we offer some of the top sunglasses brands, including Ray-Ban®, Oakley®, and Maui Jim. This is just a small sample of the brands we offer, and our opticians can talk with you about your full range of options in our lab.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Whether your prescription is outdated or you just want to update your look, we have the right pair of glasses for you. Contact us today to see our full collection.

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Wink Optometry & Eyewear

At Wink Optometry & Eyewear, we offer a wide range of services. Our optometrists, Drs. Gordon G. Wong and Wildon C. Wong, have over 45 years of combined experience. They also belong to several respected organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Optometric Association

For more information about our services, contact our office online or call us at (858) 755-9465 today.

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