Laser Eye Surgery

Although glasses and contacts are the simplest and most common way to correct imperfect vision, you may find them uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Laser eye surgery can help patients reduce or eliminate their need for glasses or contact lenses.

The optometrists at Wink Optometry & Eyewear have helped patients of Del Mar, Carmel Valley, La Jolla, CA, and nearby improve their eyesight since 2002.

What Eye Issues Can
Laser Eye Surgery Correct?


Laser vision correction can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Procedures such as LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) address refractive errors by reshaping the cornea. This improves the way that light passes through the eye and focuses on the retina.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery

For San Diego County patients who want to improve their quality of life by reducing their dependence on glasses or contacts, we coordinate procedures such as LASIK and PRK. We can discuss your laser vision correction options during a consultation at our Del Mar or La Jolla office.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK has become one of the most popular vision correction procedures in the United States. The procedure is quick and relatively painless, and recovery only requires a few days. Most patients see an immediate improvement in their vision, and we can achieve 20/40 to 20/20 vision in most of our patients.

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IntraLase and iLASIK

Both IntraLase® and iLASIK™ are bladeless techniques for LASIK. Traditional LASIK uses a microkeratome, or surgical blade, to create the corneal flap. These alternative methods utilize a laser, which allows for enhanced precision and a thinner flap.

While blade-free methods offer greater accuracy, minimal discomfort, and even shorter recovery periods, they are not the right techniques for patients with certain conditions. Our doctors can help you determine which type of LASIK procedure is right for you during your initial consultation.

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PRK Surgery

PRK was one of the first laser eye surgeries developed and is still widely used today. As with LASIK, the procedure is quick and virtually painless. It is often recommended as a viable alternative for patients who do not qualify for LASIK.

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Which Surgery Is Right for You?  Request a Consultation

The team at Wink Optometry & Eyewear can determine which refractive surgery option is right for you when you join us at our offices in Del Mar and La Jolla. Our skilled optometrists, Dr. Gordon G. Wong and Dr. Wildon C. Wong, are members of the American Optometric Association. They are trained to provide a safe and comfortable experience for you.

If you live in Carmel Valley or anywhere throughout San Diego County, we're excited to meet with you. Contact us online today or call to request a consultation:

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Candidates for Laser Eye Surgery Do You Qualify?

Eye Health

Overall good eye health is crucial to have before undergoing laser eye surgery. Patients should be free of diseases, injuries, and infections before considering laser eye surgery. 

Stable Prescription

Patients must have a stable prescription to undergo laser eye surgery. Patients who have had to change their prescription within the last year have refractive instability, which can come with additional risks during surgery.


Patients must be 18 years or older to undergo laser eye surgery. Typically, ocular maturity happens between the ages of 18-21. The FDA recommends patients to be over 18, but some clinics require their patients to be over 21.

Overall Health

For any surgical procedure, overall good health is recommended. Certain health conditions can interrupt the healing process after eye surgery. Share your complete medical history before surgery to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

Corneal Shape and Thickness

Patients that wish to undergo LASIK need to have a thick enough cornea for surgery. Since LASIK involves peeling back the corneal flap, the thickness of the cornea needs to be able to sustain this process. Patients with a thin cornea may be better suited for PRK.

LASIK vs. PRK Surgery



LASIK involves the creation of a flap on the corneal surface, which is folded so doctors can reshape the cornea with a laser. Reshaping the cornea can correct refractive errors. The flap is placed back into position and will heal on its own without the need for sutures or bandages.



The primary difference between LASIK and PRK is that no corneal flap is created in PRK. Instead, the cornea's outermost layer (the epithelium) is removed. The laser then reshapes the cornea to correct your vision. The epithelium heals and grows back within three to five days.

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If you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, laser eye surgery can improve your vision and eliminate the need for glasses or contacts.

If you want to learn more about laser eye surgery and which option may be right for you, request a consultation with the eye doctors at our La Jolla or Del Mar, CA, offices today. Our dedicated optometrists can determine if you are a candidate for laser eye surgery and discuss your options to help you make an educated decision. Fill out our online form or give us a call at:

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The Laser Eye Surgery Process

Laser eye surgery is a quick procedure that lasts 30 minutes or less. 
Laser eye surgery is a quick procedure that lasts 30 minutes or less. 


Join us at our San Diego County offices for a consultation. During this consultation in Del Mar or La Jolla, Dr. Gordon G. Wong or Dr. Wildon C. Wong can help you determine which laser eye procedure is right for your needs.


Laser eye surgery is a relatively quick process made virtually painless thanks to numbing local anesthesia eye drops. Before your procedure, numbing eye drops are administered to make the surgery a comfortable experience. 


The surgical process will depend on what type of laser vision correction you undergo and whether the procedure is bladeless or uses the laser to create the corneal flap. Laser eye surgery is a quick procedure that lasts 30 minutes or less. 


Our optometrists will inform you of aftercare tips to lead you toward a smooth recovery. The healing timeline will vary depending on what type of laser eye surgery you receive. PRK recovery can take several weeks or more, making the total recovery time longer than LASIK.

Implantable Contact Lens

An implantable contact lens, or ICL, is inserted into your eye between the iris and your eye’s natural lens. Unlike PRK and LASIK surgery, there is no reshaping of the cornea required to achieve improved vision.

After determining your prescription and placing anesthetic drops to numb the eye, a small incision is made at the edge of your cornea. The lenses are folded precisely to allow them to be inserted through the small incision and will unfold once in place.

ICL can offer an immediate improvement to your vision. Your eye doctor can discuss this and other alternatives to refractive surgery for patients who visit us from Carmel Valley, Del Mar, La Jolla, or nearby.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Eye Surgery

Q. Does laser eye surgery hurt?

A. No. Whether you choose LASIK or PKR, you can rest assured that laser eye surgery itself does not hurt. You may feel some pressure or mild discomfort, but most patients tolerate this procedure well. Your eye doctor will begin with numbing drops to ensure you are comfortable during your procedure. We will discuss ways to manage discomfort following treatment during your consultation.

Q. Does insurance cover laser eye surgery?

A. Because LASIK and PKR are often considered an elective surgery, most insurance plans do not cover them. However, this may vary based on your plan or provider. We can verify your insurance coverage so you can accurately plan and budget. We accept most insurance plans.

Q. How long will the results of my laser eye surgery last?

A. Most patients will enjoy the results of their laser eye surgery for years. Some patients may require a touch-up surgery as they age, but the results of LASIK and PKR are considered long-lasting.

Q. Are there risks associated with laser eye surgery?

A. Though considered safe, there are always potential risks as with any medical procedure. The most common side effect of laser eye surgery is dry eyes. We provide treatment for dry eye and can help manage the effects if you do suffer from dry eyes after eye surgery. Other possible side effects and risks include glare, halos, double vision, over or under-correction, and more. The most serious and rare side effect is vision loss. 

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